2018 / 09 / 28

WhaleTeq Co., LTD Cooperates with BROADSIMS Inc. to Offer Simple and Effective ECG/EKG Automated Test System for GE Patient Monitor

With intensive technical discussions with GE, the world-leading medical device manufacturer, WhaleTeq along with BROADSIMS to bring the automated ECG/EKG test system for GE patient monitor product lines and the system can also generate test reports for further quality analysis automatically. The major benefit of this automated system is that the labor input can be massively reduced while GE patient monitor can meet the required specification.


As per GE stated, there’re huge amounts of ECG/EKG test requirements needed to conform in the production line. Before the automated test system is introduced to the production line, it took at least 1 month to assure the operator is qualified enough to conduct required tests. With the adaption of this automated test system, the operator training hours is now significantly reduced from 1 month to 1 hour. Moreover, the automated test system is complied with YY 1079 standard and less human ignorance would happen during the testing process. To conclude, either the product quality or the product consistency can be improved in the long-term view


Last but not least, the automated system allows GE production engineering team to be involved less than ever. The test result won’t be affected even if changing to different operators. Also, all the test reports can be stored, traced and analyzed in an easy and effective way.


WhaleTeq is thrilled to cooperate with BROADSIMS to bring this successful case to the industry. We’re looking forward to having our test automated system to assist more medical device manufacturers to increase production efficiency and product quality. Hopefully we can bring the world a safer and convenient medical environment!


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