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-UDI Generator & Label Management System

Establishing UDI is the most important task for medical device manufacturers at present. However, there is no system on the market that can manage UDI digitally. Manufacturers need to gather relevant departments to spend a lot of time discussing and formulating processes and forms. Using Excel can't meet the traceability and management requirements of ISO13485 / QMS, and there is also a risk of typos and data missing.


UDiBar- UDI generator and label management system can quickly solve the above-mentioned problems. UDiBar not only conforms to the world's trend of digitalization, but also integrates UDI regulatory requirements, helping users to complete UDI editing and create compliant barcodes effectively. Users can design and edit label base maps. By using a database, users can also manage and track production barcodes efficiently, transferring the data to a format that conforms to the national medical database. This system can also be combined with ERP to effectively reduce labor costs.


Item Specification

Operating system

Windows PC

(Microsoft Windows 10 64bits, Original version is recommended)

Supported software

Microsoft .Net Framework 4.5 to latest version

Hardware space

1GB RAM or bigger


1.5 GHz CPU or bigger

Data storage

Saved on the local side


MySQL Community 8.0

Product information set-up

UDI Management System

Data update

Updates product information regularly either automatically or manually


Needed only when updating product information

Output file format

CSV file


Backup manually or automatically on a regular basis


All Windows Driver printers supported


Traditional Chinese, Simplified Chinese, English

Database conversion format

GUDID:HL7 file

NMPA:Excel file

TUDID:Excel file


User Account support


Automation system support


External system support

ERP system integration


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