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High frequency surgery is the technique to employ high frequency current in surgery with exceptional precision and reduction in operation blood loss. Minimally invasive surgery is a procedure with a minimum surgical opening compare to an open surgery while achieving a surgical purpose, patient may only need a band-aid on the incision minimizing the patient recovery time. Both of these surgical techniques are commonly used in today’s clinical practices, and both of these are employing the same technology behind their benefit – high-frequency current pass through the electrode tip in contact with the tissue and generate heat to denature and shrink tissue and blood vessels, hence induce coagulation and tissue transection.

With the application of high frequency and high voltage technology, it is inevitable that the insulation and leakage current of these surgical equipment must go under stringent guidelines to protect the safety of patients and medical professionals. It is the requirement of the International Standard IEC 60601-2-2 to test the dielectric strength and leakage current for both mono-polar, bi-polar HF surgical accessories (Active accessories). The Standard also required that the manufacturer to test the thermal performance and contact impedance in regards to NE (Neutral Electrode).

WhaleTeq already developed HFPA150, a neutral electrode impedance tester, to test as per requirements of IEC60601-2-2. Furthermore, 2 netual electrode tests can be completed along with HFPA150 and specified equipment as follwing reference table. 

Here are cross reference tables to illustrate our testing. 

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HFPA150 Neutral Electrodes Impedance Tester 
- Specifically designed for NE contact impedance test
- Generates 10 Vrms, 200 mArms sine wave over the frequency range from 50KHz to 5MHz

Bulit-in conversion circuit eliminates the needs of the expensive probe for current measurement
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NE Test System Test System for Neutral Electrodes and Cord Tests
- NE cord attachment test
- NE contact impedance test

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