PPG Simulator Series

WhaleTeq PPG Simulator series is the test instrument designed for PPG smart watch and sensor manufacturers, and used in their production/QA/R&D to verify PPG product. The series uses optical signals with different modes and parameters to simulate different human characteristics. Currently, WhaleTeq focuses on reflectance-mode PPG, especially for Heart Rate Variability (HRV) simulator.  


Features & Benefits

  • Generate the light signal for PPG – simulating the light illuminated off the skin
  • Build-in Photodiode – can support numerous PPG solutions
  • Adjustable input parameters – Heart Rate, Reflected Brightness, Perfusion Index (AC/DC), etc.
  • Wide range parameters adjustment –  helps to determine your wearable specifications
  • Raw data playback – enhance hardware & mechanical  design and algorithm development
  • Increase flexible utilization of R&D, quality control and production
  • Increase your confidence in test results and improve your product quality


Product Comparison


What’s Next Product?

PPG Blood Pressure simulator



WhaleTeq will develop other types of PPG simulators in the future. For more details about the developing WhaleTeq PPG series, please contact service@whaleteq.com 

Select your WhaleTeq testing equipment

You can depend on our WhaleTeq testing equipment for the complete and compliant tests to fulfill the regulatory requirements. Click on the specific model for more product description or let us help you choose the right product for you; contact our customer service representative to get more details.

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HRS200 Premium model
Designed for R&D and test engineers to provide multiple and stable signal simulations to facilitate the verification of system and heart rate accuracy.

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