Neutral Electrodes Impedance Tester 
- Specifically designed for NE contact impedance test
- Generates 10 Vrms, 200 mArms sine wave over the frequency range from 50KHz to 5MHz

- Built-in conversion circuit eliminates the needs of the expensive probe for current measurement
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With the core requirements per IEC standard in mind, the HFPA150 is a unique tester designed for testing the neutral electrode (NE) impedance in electrosurgical systems.
“The impedance of the electrical contact between the surface of the NE application site and the NE cord connection shall be low enough to prevent a risk of PATIENT burn due to ohmic heating during passage of HF surgical current.” IEC60601-2-2:2009 clause
Not all generators are built the same, and most certainly no generator on the current market can match the capabilities of the WhaleTeq HFPA150. Capable of  generating signals with frequency ranging from 50 kHz to 5 MHz, producing current over 200 mArms, and sine wave with THD < 0.3%. The HFPA150 is designed for high stability output with adjustable frequency and gain functions. In addition to neutral electrode test, it could also be used as a measurement tool for general purpose generator where the specifications are appropriate.
The HFPA150 is WhaleTeq’s latest development in contact impedance testing. While featuring a built-in conversion circuit to eliminates the needs of the expensive probe for current measurement, we have also integrated overcurrent a protection circuit in the HFPA150 to prevent the risk of equipment damage. Supplied with exclusively designed connection cords, the RC effect leading to frequency response deviation will not be a concern for you.
The below graphic illustrates the NE contact impedance test setup for the HFPA150. With WhaleTeq’s vision to provide a simple, accurate, and compliant solution for our customer, we have specifically designed the HFPA150 Neutral Electrodes Impedance Tester to assist manufacturers with a quick and accurate solution to obtain standard compliance in pursuance of next level R&D advance and higher quality products.

For Neutral Electrodes test setup, please refer to NE Test System
  • Frequency range:                50 kHz – 5 MHz
  • Input impedance:               50Ω 
  • Maximum output voltage:    11 Vrms (~31 Vpp), 50 Ω
  • Maximum Output Current:   >200 mArms, ≤ 50 Ω
  • Frequency Response:           < ±0.8 dB, 50 Ω
  • Output impendence:            <3.2Ω + j0.4 µH
  • Internal signal generator:     Sine wave
  • Power:                                12 VDC / 2A