Preliminary Assessment for Safety and Performance

We understand your road in product development and the importance to optimize your budget and time. Our team at WhaleTeq is here to help you with what you need to gain the first look and testing of your precious development. Flexible and customizable, our team is focused to deliver what you needed to certify your product and bring it to the market in the shortest time.

Use our lab: Third party, avoid blind spot in black-box testing
Use our team: Experienced with compliance advice, shorten time spent on reading standards
Use our equipment: Save cost on investment
Use our knowledge: Tailor design testing protocol upon request 

Designed for manufacturer without testing equipment or the resource to understand the exact requirement of International standard requirements, we tailor the right equipment and expert advice to suit your specific needs. Before spending your valuable resource and time for certification testing, you can send us your developing product, we will provide you a preliminary Safety and Performance assessment report for your product to ensure the most efficient path to certification.
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