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-Defibrillator / AED Tester

Using AED Tester to Conduct AED Regular Maintenance Test


What is AED Regular Maintenance Test?

To ensure that AEDs function in critical moments, we must regularly test AEDs just like firefighting equipment. AED Regular Maintenance Test includes: consumables expiration date check and replacement (pads, batteries), shock energy and waveform test, and battery voltage measurement.


Why Do We Need to Conduct AED Regular Maintenance Test?

Even though AED offers built-in self-test function, it’s unable to detect all problems, such as aging of electric parts. When testing AEDs, we should consider more environmental factors. Actual installation environment might be too hot or wet, and not been used for many years might cause problems like corrosion, leakage, and aging of electronic parts, but those problems can’t be found out in AED self-test.
In addition, due to economic considerations, the charging and discharging behavior of the AED, which is related to the state of the storage capacitor, is not conducted every day or every week. However, if the charging and discharging control module, and its feedback circuit are damaged, the resulting situation is the deadliest. Common problems include: inability to shock, insufficient shock energy, long charging before shock, abnormal power consumption, etc. These problems cannot be detected through self-test.


Before Using AED, We Can...


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Product List

For AED Regular Maintenance Test introduced on this page, the following product " DFS200 Defibrillator / AED Handheld Tester" should be used for testing, and the "AIMS-AED Intelligent Management System" should be used to properly manage AED testing data. To achieve the best result of remote real-time monitoring, "WAIOT-N/ AED NB-IoT Module” is recommended to install. For more details, please refer to the product picture below.


*Note: If you have testing needs for production lines/QC, please click the product "DFS360 AED/Defibrillator Tester" below.

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